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Mmm Mmm Yeah…Yeah?

Mmm mmm yea yea when I saw these boys looking so stylish I’m like they look so good but they bad, bad!

Mmm Mmm Yea Yea by Austin Mahone with Pitbull 
made its debut on VEVO today.

Set in a cream, white and grey tiled room illuminated by soft pinks, white, purples and blues. As a video junkie, Jamiroquai’s famous video Virtual Insanity with moving furniture also sprung to the forefront my mind. Yet with Gil Green’s version being more colourful, engaging and visually pleasing. (Both the set and artists!)

Giant speakers moving back and forth, girls riding on speakers, sofa’s wondering around and multiple jacket changes by Ausin Mahone who busts out in a few Usher/Jacko like moves.

Pitbull in more ways than one showing the young ‘un just how its done in a more relaxed leather look but looking just as hot as always in his signature aviators. Can’t imagine that the moving floor could have been too challenging to work with on set for Pit, being not only a fast talker but also a fast walker by the norm!

Austin M and Pit keep doing your thang!

Do we like it? Yeaa Yeaah!

Dale – EeeeYAW!

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