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It Takes Three!

Mr Worldwide and Mr 305 Inc’s Vikina drop It Takes Three. Produced by Robin Lewis, the track is a revival and own spin of 80’s classic It Takes Two by Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock. It will have you jump out your seat dancing as Mr Worldwide spits the verse and Vikina on chorus.

Pitbull is internationally known to like having fun with THREE – even the tango, so anything two just won’t do!

The quick wit in Pitbull’s rhymes tickled my brain. With his signature double meaning, tongue in cheek humor such as:

Drop you like Adidas ( wassup YE?)

“Not a LAWYER but you can meet me at the BAR.”

“.. Numero uno and I CRUISE like a TOP GUN” And probably does it better than TOM, I bet.

That’s the thing with Pitbull’s rhymes, it’s so easy to get vacuumed into the whirlpool of feel-good energy the song brings making it so easy to sing along the lyrics but listening and ensuring these little gems are caught fast, heard and enjoyed deeper is another.

“There he is.” I smiled to myself as the flow, force and style of old-school lyric Pit seeped through. With a filter on for ‘universal audience balance’ of course!

There’s always a risk with how the audience receives revived golden oldie tracks or samples with a different twist. Is the original song going to be butchered? Will the bring-back and edited version do the original justice? Pitbull refreshed it. Brought it to 2023 and smashed it!

Pitbull goes on to talk about his investment in Nascar, heritage, wealth and homes. Being a leader not a follower and telling the ladies in a roundabout way to just call him rather slide in DM’s -He doesn’t do social media.

Listen out for a feint electronic mimic of an aeroplane sound on cue as Pitbull sings “Already internationally known.”

The cover of It Takes Three with Pitbull on a pool table shooting ball number three. I say call it a snooker table because it looks like Armando Bond is snookered in a trio. But that’s the way he probably likes it! Looks like Three Is The Magic Number- Cue another bring back track we hope!

Had me dancing, rapping and the brain lit up like a Christmas tree with his rhymes on this one. Not feeling it? Pitbull’s got news for you “You dont like me? Fuck you I dont care.”


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