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What can only cantare, tomare and fumare and follow their instruction to hoy vivimos así – live for the day with the current times that we live in.

Pitbull and Lenier’s official video for Cantare reflects simply living in the moment and enjoying life and all the pleasures that come with it from singing, drinking, dancing, smoking (maybe health and safety on set might not let us do the ‘fumare’ bit though!)

In what appears to be a VIP club lounge area initially with The Most Bad Ones dressed in a warm golden theme to offset Pitbull’s wine/burgundy blazer before they move onto vibrant stained glass window square effects elsewhere.

The ‘cantare’ part is left with Pitbull and Lenier while Jennifer Valdes, Shanice Fernandez and Teena along with other Baddies are busy doing the ‘tomare’ part of the song. As they enjoy a range from Pitbull’s ever growing drinks portfolio from Voli 305 vodka to Españita tequila. Not to be left out, Pitbull and Lenier grab the whole bottle later on.

The song is a modern day version of the Italian hit ‘Volare’ by Domenico Modugno in the late 1950’s and later popularised in the late 1980’s by The Gypsy Kings from France who also added a little Spanish vibe. It was now time for a full on Cuban twist by Pitbull and Lenier of Mr 305 inc.

Featured on Mr Worldwide’s Libertad 548 album, Cantare has Jorge Gomez, DJ Chino, Jimmy Joker and Leo Brooks magic added in writing and production.

Look out for that white reflective chequered grid light detail on Pitbull’s sunglasses as he looks up to the like taking in the moment. Nice creative touch with the black and white chequered blazer hanging off his shoulder after another costume change!

Feel good song and video that brings the nice fuzzy feeling to the surface, with beauty in the simplicity of the video as those ‘let’s party and enjoy good company’ happy emotions are evoked as we watch…Dale!

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