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You Better ‘Get Ready’ For This Video!

The Get Ready video is an explosion of vibes and tribes. As it opens we have Pitbull and Blake Shelton on a porch in the country. “Blake this is far from the 305 Magic City lights” Pitbull says as his ‘culo’ sits very still (for once) on a rocking chair. Looking out appreciating the peaceful country. “Welcome to the countryside” Responds Blake. And we’re off ! Honky tonk Country bar, cowboy boots, bar top dancing, jukebox and spotlights, The Most Bad Ones and more but not for long.

The video shows a clever mix of sound and visuals from Nashville County vibe crossing over to Miami with The Most Bad Ones and taking the Country element to the 305 as they shake their booties over to the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel ‘Guitar Hotel’ in Miami (shaped like a guitar in line with the Country vibe- get it?).

Don’t blink or you’ll miss the product placement with hangover cure Party Patches and of course Pitbull’s very own brand, Voli Vodka 305.

The video directed by another Pitbull video favourite Gil Green moves in a fast, energetic, wild yet in an uncontrolled and fun pace.

The song Get Ready itself also has Jimmy Joker, Jorge Gomez of the Agents and official Pitbull DJ Chino all over the production of this infectious banger which is featured on Pitbull’s latest album Libertad 548. With samples of ‘Black Betty’ by Ram Jam.

You get on that video? You better ‘Get Ready’ to ride and sing along uncontrollably long after it’s finished! “Whoa, get ready (Bam-ba-lam)”


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