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DAMN The Wait Is Over! Pitbull And Lil Jon ‘Damn I Love Miami’ Is Here!

Bad Boys soundtrack wouldn’t be complete without the original ‘bad boy’ of Miami. Always repping and expressing love for the 305, Pitbull teams up with an old school favourite Lil Jon for ‘Damn I Love Miami’ on the Bad Boys For Life sound track.

These bad boys have once again teamed up for what feels like ages (just like Will Smith and Martin Lawrence) to create another monster track with added thrills for us old to the new school Pitbull fans.

The beat vacuums us in from the get go, getting the limbs moving in no time. Infectious track and oozing a big part of what Pitbull and Miami are about. Fun!

Put your Google maps away. Pitbull is taking you on a whistle stop tour of Miami. From the (Coconut) Grove, Homestead, Calle Ocho and the rest of Little Havana, Hialeah to where it all began in Wynwood. Not to forget Kendall where they’re ‘all like Kendall Jenner’ Moving onto more entertaining venues like Scarletts and Tootsies (often mentioned in the old school catalog).

Whatever happens in Miami, never happened as Mr 305’s (let’s pay homage to his first title) motto goes. Miami certainly love’s Pitbull and Damn, Pitbull loves Miami, especially the women from Dade County who ‘speak his language’.

A lot of humour and quick wit. Be sharp to join the dots as Pitbull gives us a few chuckles along the way “Their titties look just like Baywatch, But their ass from the 305” to “Imma hit this HOTEL. There’s a party in that lobby. But be careful who you mess with ‘cos the HO TELL everybody”

Mr Worldwide faces big decisions “I got two brunettes and a blonde one (Do both)” looks like that was easily solved! “I love a bad one you already know” in a reference to The Baddies of The Most Bad Ones.

One thing is for sure, there’s nothing like Miami. Catchy song with an infectious hook. Every time I hear Pitbull has a new song with my favourite collaborator Lil Jon, I’m finding myself saying WHAAT? YEAAH! DALÉ!

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